Friday, June 17, 2011


Hercor College Student 2011
As a student of Hercor College 2011, and a graduate of 1st year in the same school. I am expecting to learn more on how to create a web page. In my first year, I learn the basic on how to create a web page, but my teacher is always busy, so the other lessons that he will teach or spread to us is disappear like bubbles, but he gave us an example, but I can't understand the example. Now I want to explore more about this subject.

This second year, I have a subject of Web Programming, and now I expected to this subject to improve my skill of making websites, gain more knowledge and to know what is the important of making websites in this subject. I am hoping to know more for this subject, because of my new teacher

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hercor College was organized in September 2003 by Mr. Jose A. Hernandez with the able assistance of Mesdames Lerry Basamot, Vivian Blancaflor, Sheila Alba, Sally Sibonga and his two Children, Ma. Cristina and Jose Gabriel. Their original plan was to offer just one course but the group later on decided to offer four CHED courses; namely, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and two TESDA courses; namely, 2-year Computer Programming and 2-year Hotel & Restaurant Services.

Determined to make Hercor College the best and most affordable private school in Capiz, Mr. Hernandez and his group adopted the slogan, "The Best for Less," to reflect the school's philosophy and mission. And so in keeping with that commitment, the school decided to put up immediately first class facilities at their Riverside Campus by constructing two buildings with spacious classrooms, a gym, a modern computer lab for

for their computer science students, a modern kitchen laboratory and mini hotel for their hotel & restaurant management students and a well-equipped judo and taekwondo gym for their criminology students. And to be true to their mission to make quality education affordable to everyone, the school decided to charge the lowest tuition fees among the private schools in the province and that was greatly appreciated by the parents of their students.

The response was tremendous and its first year of operation (SY 2004-2005) the school exceeded all its enrollment targets. The Riverside Campus which was supposed to be good for two years was filled in one year forcing the management to construct another campus at its Lawa-an property to accommodate its increasing number of students. The school also acquired two buses so that it can offer free rides to its students between the two campuses.

But Hercor College is not resting on its laurels and continues to invest not only in first class facilities and equipment but also in faculty development because it believes its students deserve nothing but the best.

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